Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mar 2, 05 It Is Raining And I Am Still Thinking

Sharon and I are still thinking of all of the time we have left in our lives and how much more is left to accomplish in any area we would like to make a priority.

Of course we have full-timing as a priority, but there are other things we can do with over 30 more years of active productive life ahead of us. We will only be limited by our health and our income.

Well, health wise, we are looking into walking farther each day. Right now we walk 6/10 of a mile twice a day. A leisurely walk because it is also walking the dog, Poky, twice a day.

Wealth wise, we are looking into web publishing as an income. At the moment we can create income with our Ebay sales. However, our websites are now generating income. We are just getting started and have between the programs we are involved in this past months income was over $150. WOW!! you say. Getting rich already. OK, this is just a start. They say it takes about 6 months to have the search engines have you listed and develop enough traffic to make make even close to a living wage.

Our current start to generating income on the internet started here Free Ebook . This is a free book that is complete in its instructions on how to create and make money on the internet. You do not need anything more than this ebook's instructions to get started. Of course they want you to subscribe to their system and use their site to develop your online presence. That is what I did. Base on the income we are developing, I will make my money back and be pulling a profit in the very near future. I'm close already as we started getting serious with this in December.

Maybe I should start telling you more about what we are doing to make money online. This is our planned method of supporting us when we start full timing. I believe we will make a living wage. In the mean time I look at all of this as a "college or trade school course" I must complete before I graduate and get my diploma (money). I am involved in a number of programs am impressed with what I see others doing. Some people in forums I visit are really beginning to do well. No, not getting rich yet, but doing well enough to quit their full time jobs or have a great supplemental income.

I truly believe we will travel the country without the need to become camp hosts or park employees to support ourselves. There is nothing wrong with other forms of work and income. I just want to travel and not be tied down to one place for any reason. Making an income on the internet ONLY means I can travel to my heart's content.

I have not mentioned all the pages we have up on our website for a while and have not updated the links at the bottom of this page. Here is a list of links to those pages.

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