Thursday, February 09, 2006

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I get getting requests for easier contact information.  I just put an email link on the top right of the page.  Email me if you have a comment or question about our site or blog. 

Many RVers are older, but the following applies whatever your age.  I relate to it because I am 63 years old (Jan 1).  We received the following on a small card enclosed with advertising from a life insurance company:

10 Ways To Live A Longer And Healthier Life

You will never guess which one I think is most important.  However, we do have a pet, actually three of them. We have two cats and a dog.  I am still exercising almost every day.  I do thirty minutes on the exercise bike, do a routing with 10 pound dumbbells, I just started doing 10 to 15 pushups daily and in the last couple days I have jogged half a block while walking Poky The Dog.

More or less I am working on that list.  Like all lists that are aimed at improving your life, if you will try to stick to most of any list you will improve your life a little at a time.

The thing that will help us and you is to make small changes daily.  If you an improve only 1% a week in any area, in a year you will be more than 52%  better in your life.  You take advantage of compound interest, so to speak.  As the 1% adds onto your improvement, the next 1% includes the little added the first time.  This is the principle of, “How do you eat an elephant?  You eat an elephant one bite at a time”. 

There are massive changes I would like to make in my life, but I am trying to do them a little at a time.  I want to make them part of my life.  I want to integrate them into my way of living, so they become the natural, normal way I do things.


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