Saturday, April 15, 2006

Other Things On My Mind

OK, I am running a little late today.  I have other things on my mind.  We need to find a place to live.  Life sure gets complicated at times.  However, each time life has gotten complicated for us, we have come out better in the long run.  It is a good thing we are both the eternal optimists.

It rained yesterday, but luckily our leak did not come inside the motorhome.  I really have to get out there and get the Eternabond tape on the roof.  So many things going on and so little time to take care of them all.

I had hoped to fix the speedometer problem this weekend, but that is on the back burner for a little bit now. 

Of course all that is going on is just part of what goes on in any life in one way or another.  The secret is being able to work through things with a halfway positive attitude. Sharon and I have that.

We all have challenges, even when planning on going full timing.  Some are worried about leaving family. Others about how they will make it financially.  It is the challenges we overcome that make us stronger. 

The challenge we face right now is whether to try and rent a room in someone’s home or try and rent a 1 bedroom place.  Rooms for rent are typically $650 a month here.  I think I told you rents are high here.  There are some small homes or duplexes for rent for about $900.  When you go much below $900 you would not want to go into the neighborhood at night. 



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