Sunday, April 24, 2005

Time To Go Camping Again

On a whim we decided to go camping tomorrow.  Just an overnighter at the beach 12 miles south of us.  Actually, I opened the Bounder engine cover, or doghouse cover.  There was a loose breather tube.  Maybe that could be part of my dieseling and back firing problem.  I reconnected it and started the Bounder. When I shut it off it did not diesel or back fire.  Of course, it was not hot and had not been on a few mile trip.  So, the easy way to test it is go driving and why waste a drive without a overnight camping trip.

The Bounder is always ready to go.  The fridge is loaded and cold since we eat from it all the time.  It is just a matter of putting away a few things to make the drive safe and pack a few things we always take out after a trip. I should pack some firewood, but it has been windy and cold, so we may not want to sit out by one.

Yesterday we went to a “road show” for our local country station. They go to different businesses on the weekend to promote them.  Yesterday was the grand opening of an Eddie Bauer store.  The main drawing prize was a $500 shopping spree in their store.  We did not win.  They also had tickets to a Alan Jackson concert.  We did not enter. It was for last night at a venue about 3 hours away and then 3 hours home which would mean 1–2 o’clock getting home.  Too short of notice to plan for.


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