Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LED Lighting

I am amazed at the brightness of all the LED lights available today.   There are solar powered garden lights, crank powered flashlights that do not require batteries,  75 LED trouble lights for working on your RV, interior lights for low power consumption.  All of these put out quite a bit of light compared to older LEDs which only came in red, yellow or green. 

We have a 13 LED flashlight that looks like a large MAG light. It is not a powerful as a MAG light, but it sure throws off enough light for a lot of tasks.  Batteries in LED flashlights last a lot longer than they do in conventional bulb flashlights.

For those that boondock a lot and do not have power or do not want to run a generator more than they have to, LED lights are a good power saver. One LED “bulb” consumes 0.020 amps of power.  One typical 12 incandescent light bulb consumes 1.0 amp or more of power. An 1156 bulb is actually 2 amps (see 12 volt lamps).  This means you could illuminate 200 LEDs with the same amount of power that you light one 1156 light bulb.  Is that amazing or what?

If you go to WalMart or other stores you can find LED lights that will fit in your RV interior light sockets.  We have a red 12 volt LED taillight type “lamp” we bought at WalMart.  We put it in one of the bedroom lamps so there is light in the bedroom, but not very bright. This way when one of us goes to bed early (usually me, Bob) there is still light in the bedroom.




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