Monday, December 12, 2005

Could You Make A Large Sum In 2006

Is is possible that you could make a large sum of money in 2006.  It isn’t is you don’t think about it or try.  It is like the lady who prayed every night to win the lottery. Her circumstances kept getting worse and worse, so she prayed even harder and longer to win the lottery.  One night a booming voice from seeming nowhere said, “Girl, you have to buy a ticket”.

Yes, this is another case of, “You have to buy a ticket”.  You have to write down ideas, ways and means of creating more wealth in your life.  I don’t have my plan down yet, but as time goes by I will give you the resources that I am using.  I will give you the progress I am making. 

Pick a number, any number and maybe, just maybe it is an amount of money you could earn in your spare time if you thought about it hard enough.  If you made a plan to get it.  Who knows, full timing could be a reality for you with an additional source of income.  Or maybe it could mean the new or newer RV you have been dreaming about.

The Internet is not a magic bullet. Everyone does not get rich work online.  Actually, as with most businesses, a large number fail. The wonderful thing about the Internet and businesses you can create is not having to make a major investment to start.  You could actually start of profitable business with no money.

This blog is free. Blogger hosts it on their site.  I don’t pay anything for it.  I make a little money right now from it.  I put sponsored ads which pay me either when someone buys a product I recommend or when someone merely clicks on a link to a product I have advertised on my site.  All of this is FREE for me to do.  Isn’t  that interesting. 

Our weather is cool right now, probably low 50s outside.  I sure am glad our Bounder has forced air heat.  Our heater warms the entire coach in a very short time.  It seems to be very efficient for a small area.  This is important since we are going camping Thursday. 

Planning our direction for this new idea of making money is on the agenda.  Since we will be away from the office and its distractions, we should be able to concentrate on doing some serious planning. 


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