Tuesday, September 27, 2005

OK, Back To Work! Vacation Is Over

We had a really good time at the Lake San Antonio rally.  I am amazed at how strangers on the internet can get together and become great friends in a very short time.  I know and like the RV rally people I have met better than many of the neighbors we’ve had over the years.  These days it seems you don’t get to know neighbors as well as in years gone by.  Maybe the old front porch, rocking chairs and swing were a good idea.  Of course they were replaced by television a long time ago.

Oxnard and the coast from above Santa Barbara had rain yesterday. The roads were still wet on our way home, but we didn’t hit any rain.  With that in mind I need to finish caulking all the rest of my Bounder windows and anywhere else water might get in and cause problems.  See our article on leaking RV windows at Repairing Leaking RV Windows

I also need to get serious and investigate the reason our water heater won’t light automatically.  I have to manually light it with a propane match.  It works fine once lit, but never re-lights once it shut off either.  I am afraid it is the $125 to $150 “board” that is bad, but it could be a couple other things.  NO, I am almost sure it is the board from what I have looked into so far.

Today I will be working on my new website, "One Romantic Wedding"  I have a lot of pages ready to edit and put into website format.  I hope to get about 3 new sites up and running before the end of the year.  The more work I do the closer I get to full-timing.


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