Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just A Short Note

Well, the motorhome has been out of commission now for over two years. Our dreams of fulltiming are on hold for the foreseeable future.

This is all part of life, our economy and what happens as we travel along life's path.

Sharon and I are working hard to make our Ebay business pay the bills, but it is not as easy as it was years ago. The rules have changed and there are new players leading Ebay. We are not getting new inventory regularly. The money goes to bills instead of new things to sell.

HOWEVER, as always we are the eternal optimists and believe things will turn around tomorrow. We get down at times, but overall we are fairly positive about our prospects.

Both of us are healthy and only have a few aches and pains that developed over the years. Luckily we are able to keep working and not have illness related downtime.

All of our animals are doing well. Poky The Dog, Ally The Dog, Spunkie The Cat and Tuxedo (Tux) The Cat.

This is just a short personal note to let those who check once in a while know that we are alive and well and looking forward to better things.


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