Thursday, December 01, 2005

Change The Oil -- Repair The Door

What jobs do you need to do? I need to change the Bounder oil and repair her door. I keep thinking I’ll get those done soon, but so far I keep putting off the jobs. The oil change needs to be done before we move again. I can put that off a week or so. The door not locking easily is another story. I need to get out there today and fix that.

Sharon and I talked about our next camping trip and think it will be in the week of December 11th. We will leave before 8 in the morning and then come home the next day after dinner. It makes for almost two full days out. Our next camping trip will be to Leo Carillo State Beach campground.

GRRRrrrrrrrrr!!! My GoDaddy (website host) sites are all down. This company has had many problems for the last month. This is getting ridiculous. I do NOT recommend GoDaddy as a host.


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