Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weather Getting Better

Now the weather forecast for the weekend is getting better. There is  not rain predicted until Sunday.  Weather prediction sure is not an exact science.  I think it is more of a guessing game.  It always has been.

Yesterday’s insurance inspector came into the office, asked a few questions and left. It was not an inspection at all.  I got worried about nothing.  Oh well, it did get me doing a few things that needed to be done.  Hopefully I will keep doing those things.

She got me thinking. What if they did not like all of my stored boxes for some reason. They are store in the manner you would store things in a public storage unit, piled high.  So, what if we had to move?  How would we do it?  What would we have to have hauled away by the scrap man that would matter?  There would not be a lot we would miss.

Our problem is that stuff we would not miss still is potential income on Ebay.  Part of what I would scrap is selling for $50 and more on Ebay right now and Ebay is how we make our living.  We are trying to get internet marketing going but it bounces up and down between $150 and $300 a month and that is not enough to live on.

I hate all these decisions.  Our problem is we do not have retirement, so we need to have one of us working in some manner so we generate an income other than Social Security.  Sharon never worked with SS coming out of her check. She does not qualify for it. 

There are probably many of you out there who are in similar circumstances.  I know lots of people have lost jobs due to down sizing and jobs moving “offshore”.  Our economy is scary for a lot of people. 

We are lucky because we have a part time business that turned full time when I was down sized.  It is not a “fantastic business” that we make tons of money from, but it pays the bills when we work hard at it.  They key there is work hard. We have to put in long days at to keep the income up. 

The thing is I do not want to be still selling on Ebay in this warehouse when I am 90. I need to come up with answers that solve the hows and whys of going full timing.




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