Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Rally Has Been Great -- Only A Few Hours Left

Yesterday was a bright sunny day at the rally.  Lots of fun and good people.  You really should try a rally in your area if you haven't been to one yet.  We have not joined a camping group yet, but I am sure it would be about the same experience.  The only difference I can perceive is the camping groups are usually more organized in ongoing activities and the rallies just happen when someone decides to say, "Let's have a rally".

I really like the new computer table I bought.  I am sitting on the RV couch typing this.  The table pulls up close to me and the tabletop tilt feature allows me to more comfortably position he typing angle.  I had said I would put  a screw in the tubes to keep the desk top from tilting.  I am going to have to rethink that.  If I only use the laptop, being able to tilt easily is a good feature.  If I put the large flat screen monitor on the table I will not want it to be able to tilt.  Maybe I need some sore of locking pin instead to make it easier to switch from locked to unlocked.

We had a gift exchange last night.  Sharon was happy. She came home with the Mexican Train domino game. I do not know where else, but in the RVing community Mexican Train dominos seems to be a popular domino game.  The sets are available at  Camping World for about $20.

Some here at the rally have told me the excessive dieseling and backfiring could be from a bad tank of gasoline.  There is a lot of gas to burn off in that case.  This tank was full and it holds 90 gallons.  We will see how it does on the way home this afternoon.  Checkout time is 2:30, but with this problem I think we will leave just a little after noon.

Did I tell you the hot water tank igniter stopped working completely?  I was having trouble lighting the water heater and after I cleaned it it would not  light at all.  There is go spark on the igniter.  I can light the water heater with a propane match, but that is inconvenient.  Of course it was inconvenient before since I had to be outside with the water heater compartment door partially open to have the thing light.

With all the little problems we have and have had with this bounder, I am not sure it is any worse than some of the problems I read about in about new rigs.  They all seem to have their share of problems.  I read about new rigs having similar problems to mine.  Often the new rig problems are quality control while mine are age related.


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