Thursday, June 09, 2005

On Track Again - Getting Things Done

Here I am first thing in the morning and getting down to business.  I have already exercised, which included 6.5 miles on the exercise machine and lifting some light weights.  LIGHT as in 7 pounds each.  35 times over the head and some other lifting movements and I am tired out.  For those bench pressing 150 pound or more, this does not sound like I am working out at all.  For me, it works up a sweat and gets my heart pumping.

The boxes and the bees seem to be progressing at about the same rate. I am making progress, but it sure seems to be slow.  The boxes are much more organized and are more accessible.  I am putting in 6 hours a day on the box project.  I am consolidating a few, and getting rid of a couple.  Mainly I am labelling those I want to know what is in them and trying to keep some types of “stuff” together with similar types of stuff.

My big hang-up is still that I have to make a living to keep up with the monthly bills.  I am having a problem with that too.  Each month I do not meet the bills, I eat up more of our limited savings. 

Luckily I a way out of all this called full-timing.  It allows me to travel, to live and to make it on a budget that does not include supporting a warehouse and its owner.

I have been studying making money on the internet, as you know.  We just received two checks from our advertisers that totalled  $273.43  .  This is income comes from work done in past months.  All of this comes from advertising on my websites.  Here again I have a problem.  I have not been adding content to the websites.  They key is continuously adding new pages and new information to each website you create.  I am stuck in telling myself I am studying and learning the system. This is true, but I am becoming the professional student. Studying forever and never going to work. 

I am thinking of creating a newsletter that will explain how to make a living on the internet.  It will show the process from where I am today and move forward as we learn the ways to generate income from our websites.  I am learning daily how to.  I need to implement my learning and then show you how you can do the same thing. 

Do you plan to do something on 1, 3, 5, 10 or more years?  Today is the time to start actively getting yourself ready.  Make the plans and check them. Be sure you are on track.  The shorter time you have to reach you goal, the more you need to check on your activity.  I use this blog to check my activity.  Because I talk about what I am doing or not doing, it becomes public knowledge.  Now I have to at least make an effort to do what I am telling you I need to do. 

A commitment to yourself is important.  A commitment to someone who believes in you and supports your efforts is important to.  Join me. Make some plans.  Set some goals.  Pick an outcome that you would like to have in the near or farther out future.  Start doing something regularly to achieve you plans. 

One of our readers asked why our archives were oldest first.  If you miss a day or two, you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page a number of times to see a few days.  Well, I thought I could not do anything about that, but a Blogger user came of with a “hack” or change to the Blogger code that Blogger approves of using.  It inverts the archives so the latest is now at the top.  How do you like it now?  Better?



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