Friday, June 10, 2005

Lost Another Pound. Down to 225. Exercise Helps.

 After my 6 miles on the exercise machine, I stepped on the scale and was down to 225 from 233 since June 1. Just over a month to lose 8 pounds. I am pleased with this slow loss. HOWEVER, if I would start watching my diet and not taking seconds of potatoes or rice or macaroni and cheese, I would probably be doing better. Of course the donuts and cookies and potato chips do not help either.

The 6 hours a day on boxes is slowly paying off. I am labeling the boxes so it is easier to know what is in them at a glance. Of course the piles are 7 feet tall and 3 to5 deep so whatever is in the back will be lost for a while. Right now I do not care. Our warehouse is a disaster area. We are solving one problem at a time. If it gets organized, we will have space to work. We used to be able to bring in 15 pallets of equipment and sort them in the warehouse. Now we would be lucky to get one pallet in, after shuffling a lot of junk.

Our problem is that until a year ago we did not know about RVing and what it might mean to us. The warehouse was a very low priority job. Just making a living took up all our time. Now we see a better answer, but have the millstone around our neck that we have to chip away so we can move on. I am slowly getting excited about the prospect of having room to work again and that work will be getting rid of things.

I am finding that by making Sharon and I work, we are actually having more time to do things instead of less. We are committed to a project and other things seem to work better too. Of course there is also chaos around us as stuff gets set aside waiting on its final disposition. I think the full-timing goal is what is driving us.

Today on our walk, we passed the packinghouse that processes bell peppers. Yesterday they had green bell peppers being washing a boxed and today it was red peppers. As a child into my young adulthood, I HATED green peppers. My Mom would make stuffed green pepper and cook my meat in a Pyrex dish in the same oven. Even though my meat did not touch the peppers, it got a pepper flavor just being in the oven. I did not even like that much pepper. Now that I have "matured" I love green peppers. Same goes for onions. I never liked them, but now they are delicious. Fried onions by themselves are delicious.

This is the weekend to look at the Bounder problem. I’ll pull the dog house cover (that is the inside cover that is over the engine) and take a look around with and without the engine running. If something is obvious or an idea of what is wrong hits me I will look into it. If the answer isn’t obvious, I will call for an appointment at the repair shop Monday. I need it fixed. We should at least be taking a day camping trip to the beach very soon.


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