Monday, December 04, 2006

Setting Up A Money Making Website

Once again we are near, but not too near some out of control California wildfires. I am guessing 20 miles is the closest, but that is nothing to a fire. It travels that far very quickly especially in our 70 MPH winds. Regardless of how close they get, we are in the middle of the city, not near the hills that burn.

Sharon and I are working toward getting out of this warehouse. We are working toward getting back to RVing. Our answer is setting up a money making website and then another and so on. They do not have to IMPRESSIVE money makers. They just have to be consistent.

Money can be made online without a Website. However, to significantly increase your earnings it is of the utmost importance that you have your own. Many of you may be thinking that this will be extremely complicated, difficult and time consuming. In the past it certainly was. Nowadays however, there have been so many improvements and innovations in Website technology that it has become much easier to create your own site quickly and simply even if you have no knowledge of HTML or JavaScript whatsoever.

Another factor that many people think will be prohibiting is the cost of getting one up and running. Due to competition in the fields of Website creation software, hosting and domains the costs have fallen dramatically. This means that just about anyone with a few dollars in their back pocket can get in on the action. This was not always the case. Only a few years ago, it was very expensive to get all that was needed and this stopped many people from starting. Be thankful to be starting now where you can get some of the most innovative technology for next to nothing. Heck, you can even get started out in Blogging for Free!

In order to really realize your potential on the Web you are going to have to have good Website building software. You want one that will enable you to set-up sales pages quickly, easily put together content sites and add AdSense without any hassle.

There is software available priced from free on up over $200. I use an older version of the $200 variety. I recently bought XSitePro which is highly recommended in forums I visit. They say it has about a two hour learning curve to get going with it. I have not used it yet, it is just an icon on my computer desktop. I’ll write about it at some future date.

You will also want to be able to create an attractive looking site that will make your visitors want to stay on your site. It is also vital to have a Web builder that will allow you to make changes very quickly. Some of you may get daunted at the very thought of this, especially if you have no background with computers. However, there are software and services out there that makes this extremely easy even to the complete beginner.

One of the most user-friendly builders ever created is XSitePro. This software will enable you to get great-looking money making sites up and running with minimal effort.

Another good option is to use a complete service like Site Build It!  Get a free ebook on what it is all about at that link. They will handle absolutely everything for you tailored to your exact requirements. However, with this option you will have an annual recurring fee, which is something you may wish to avoid.

You could also post your project on a freelance site such as Elance where programmers will bid on your project. After accepting a bid the programmer will carry it out to your specifications and will often help you make any updates in the future.

Another thing you will have to do is purchase a domain name and hosting package. These days many companies will throw in a free domain name with your hosting package when you sign up. Like I said last time, DO NOT use them. They are only good for storing pictures short term or for other very short term projects. People change ISPs like they change cars, and you will lose everything on that site if you change ISPs

There are many good hosting companies out there along with equally as many poor ones. The key things to pay attention to are uptime (aim for 99% plus), the ability to add new domains to the package for expansion and good customer service. Of course they will all claim 99%, so I am not sure exactly how to trace that except look a prospect host up by doing a Google search.

A good host I use is They are only $3 a month for hosting. It cost $5.99 a year for a domain name. There are no setup fees. This is just about the cheapest hosting you will find. I use them and have no complaints. 


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