Saturday, July 15, 2006

You Can Tell I Am Busy

Yes, I forgot the blog again yesterday. I even had a note beside my keyboard, “BLOG”. It did not help. You can tell when I am busy. I am single minded and focused on the job at hand. Any thing else is just put aside in my head.

I suppose part of this is stress. I still worry a little about making ends meet. We are doing OK, but it is by constantly watching our finances. That is not a relaxing way to live.

The answer is to work harder for a little while. Change that to working smarter and utilizing our time more effectively

New strategies are needed. New attitudes that make us more effective.

Sharon and I are trying to wrap our minds around going camping more often. Also going to rallies. The only way to to that is to work smarter and get our income back up to a level that allows us to play more.


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