Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sorry, I Was In Egypt

Yesterday I completely forgot the blog.  I have a good excuse.  I was in Egypt.  I went to see the Nile and when you See Nile that is an excuse in itself. 

I just got very busy and once my mind gets off track, I forget everything.  Yesterday I was testing computers to sell on Ebay, then I quit testing and decided to try and sell an entire lot of 72 old Macintosh computers as one big lot.  Today I will list about 5 of those individually and have the auctions close a day earlier.  These newer listings will advertise the LOT.

Ebay allows you to show your other auctions, they do not allow you to advertise you website within an auction.  People make more by advertising every way Ebay permits.  Actually you can advertise your own website on your Ebay ME page if you follow the Ebay guidelines for links to pages selling products.

We were supposed to sign the 6 month lease contract last night, but the landlord has a sick child and had to work late on top of that.  She had told us she was involved in a project and may be late.  She postponed the signing until tonight.  This is almost like waking up Christmas morning and telling your kids they will have to wait a day to open their presents.

I told you about our coffee can that we put money into as a camping fund.  It has not been getting any for a couple weeks. The last time was April 13, which is also the day the city came and invited us to move out. 

OH, I have a question. Can we still call the plastic container coffee comes in a coffee “can”?  HMMMMMmmmmm!? A glass bottle, a tin can, a plastic ???

We are seeing that we will have to have a lot of duplicate items.  We spent our entire day here at the warehouse working, or at the pretense of work.  We will  need to have aspirin at home and the office.  Bandages both places.  Toilet paper, THREE places — home, office and Bounder.  There are a lot of little duplicate expense that will add up.  We will do this a little at a time.

OK, Egypt, See Nile, senile.  Get it?



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