Saturday, December 03, 2005

Leaking RV Windows

Our rain yesterday was fairly light.  It was steady, but never turned into a downpour.  This reminds me that I still have RV window to caulk.  Have you read my article on leaking RV windows?  It is at Leaking RV Windows.  This is another job I haven’t finished, since our last rainy season.  None of my windows leak. I fixed the ones that did.  HOWEVER, I really do need to go to all of the window and re-caulk them.  Better safe than sorry.

In addition the caulking the windows, I should go around to each basement compartment and put need seals around the doors.  I do need to check for a better seal than that I bought at Home Depot.  I guess an RV store would be the best place to look.

We are getting ready to go to my son’s home, so I will cut this short today.


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