Saturday, June 18, 2005

Two Hats And A Redhead Tonight

I won tickets on the radio to go see Reba, Brad Paisley and Terri Clark tonight. The tickets are the "cheap seats" at the Hyundai Pavilion in Devore, California. Cheap seats there means you sit on the grass at the back of the stadium behind the normal seating. We have been to a lot of concerts by winning the tickets on the radio.

Do you call in to radio contests? We have been calling in on them since about 1990 and have won over $20,000 in cash and prizes over the years. We have been to Hawaii with $1000 spending cash, won on the radio. I won $10,000 cash. Sharon and I have both won $1000 a couple times each. Of course all the concerts, mostly country music, but we’ve even been to a rap, hiphop, etc concert. Not my kind of music, but interesting. The only secret to winning is listen to the radio and ALWAYS call in when you hear a contest. You too can become a regular winner.

There are very few bees out back now, but it only takes one to get stung. I was locking one of the garages and one fell on my arm on her way to the ground and when she hit my arm, "ZAPP"! Nailed me a good one and did not even stop to say hello, just went on down. That is two bee stings from this little project.

I purchased another "gurus" program last night. This one is by Rosalind Gardner. When I am through with all of these, I will give you a more detailed report on each one. There are a lot of people making money on the internet. I plan to be one of them. I hope I can help you if you think it might be a way to generate extra income. A lot of people make their full time living using only online marketing of products they never touch or see. Some sell advertising on their websites. Some sell books or booklets they created. Some sell other people’s books. Some make a few hundred a month and others make a few thousand a month. As I have told you we bounce around the $200 a month figure right now.

Full-timing in an RV often requires addition income or in the case of workamping for free, a way to conserve the money you have. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a means of generating more money right from your RV?

Well, if they get the Bounder fixed, we should be camping some time after mid-week next week. Monday is dipstick tube repair day. Tuesday is when our kids come for an overnight stay. Wednesday, HMmmmmmmmm! If the air cleaner being correctly positioned over the hot air pickup helps our backfiring problem we might go camping. I am not optimistic about that fixing the problem. I am sure it doesn’t help, but I am not sure it is the actual problem.



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