Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thinking Of Dumping The Warehouse

Sharon and I are thinking of dumping the warehouse and all of the inventory in it.  It is possible that we could make a living online living in a house instead of a warehouse.  This $2184 rent for the warehouse is a never ending expense.  That is $26,208 a year we are giving to someone else. 

This is not an immediate plan, but something we have started talking about.  It could not happen before December and possible a year longer than that.  It is hard to say and JUST in the idea stage right now. I like having and office/warehouse to work out of, I just do not like the expense compared to the income this warehouse generates.

One thing we have to do get generate an alternative income to selling on Ebay, or we have to come up with a product we could sell out of our house.  There are many things to sell on Ebay and there are other online income producing opportunities. 

In the past I have talked about internet marketing for generating income. That is simply creating websites that generate income.  They do that by either selling a product or selling advertising.  We are about to get serious about finding some answers.  I do not want to still be in this warehouse when I am 90.


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