Thursday, June 16, 2005

More Boxes. Another Incompetent RV Repair

I am slowly beginning to think I may get a handle on all the boxes we have in the warehouse. If I can get rid of them, our path is almost cleared to go full-timing. The rest of the stuff I could get rid of if I had to. The 2000 plus boxes of old inventory, electronic manuals and personal stuff, including everything from my parents estate are the big problem. This whole process will still take the two years I have scheduled for it.

Do have personal and business records going back for years and years. Are they "expired" and are no longer required for tax purposes. Check with you accountant how long you need to keep paperwork. If you do not need it, get rid of it. My box clearing project has gotten me into old record boxes and I have trashed bags of paperwork and shredded more large bags of obsolete paperwork we no long require.

THEN, I have my parent paperwork going back into the 1960’s and some from the 50’s. They had some of my Aunt’s records also which they kept after she died in the 1980’s. YIKES! Do not do this to your kids. Get rid of your old paperwork. OH, did I tell you I can not just trash my parent’s stuff. When we cleaned out their house we found $10,000 cash stashed in envelopes mixed with old bills and other obscure places. We have to open every envelope and then throw out the contents.

What does it take to find a place that does decent work on a vehicle? I have had my vehicles worked on by 3 different places. I would not recommend any of them to anyone. Two of those places were recommended to me.
1. Did not tighten the oil filter after changing my oil. I am lucky I did not burn up my engine. Engine oil light came on and I put in 2 quarts of oil. Came on again before I got home from about a 100 mile trip.
2. The motorhome carburetor problem that I went to them 4 times for the same problem.
3. The current problem that I just discovered yesterday. The header place put in the wrong oil dip stick tube. I complained they moved it for easier use. Moving it made the solid metal heat pipe going into the bottom of my air filter housing NOT go in. It is just blowing hot air into the engine compartment. They say it is the correct dip stick tube according to Chevy. It is not the correct dip stick to match positions with their headers.

I had poor mileage ONLY before I had the Bounder "repaired" Ever since they "fixed" it I have had nothing but problems.


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