Friday, November 24, 2006

Affiliate Programs - The Perfect Place To Get Started

Wednesday, I talked about Holly Mann’s ebook, “Honest Riches”. Click Here For Honest Riches Did you go take a look at that page? She is offering a product for sale online.  She created the product, created a web page about it and then offered it for sale. The problem is that by herself she is limited by the number of copies she can sell.  She needs some affiliates to help her sell it. 

Holly put her book on a site called “ClickBank”  It is a site where an author can offer a commission to anyone who helps them sell a digital product.  Anyone can sign up for the “ClickBank” affiliate program and promote Holly’s or any other author’s product. If the product is sold through the link Clickbank provides, the affiliate gets a commission.  Typical commission on Clickbank are 50% to 70% of the selling price. 

When you are just starting out on the internet you most likely will not have any product to sell. However, this is not a problem and should not deter you from getting involved. The wonderful thing is that you can get started right away by promoting affiliate programs. These are products that other people have already taken the time to create that you can promote. When you send someone to the affiliates site and they decide to buy, you will be awarded a generous commission that can be as much as 80% of the total sale price. They are perfect if you are working on your own product and need to make some cash in the meantime.

Most people would not know where to find an affiliate product to promote but they are actually very easy to find. The main places to find them are Clickbank and Commission Junction. However, on many websites, which are, selling a product there is usually an option to sign up as an affiliate. The link to sign up may be discreetly placed at the bottom of the page, however, once you are aware of the whole affiliate network operating out there on the web you will start to see them at loads of the sites you visit.

Another thing, which is especially good about promoting affiliate products, is that someone else has gone to the trouble of creating them and someone else has gone to the trouble of optimizing the site so that it will convert as many visitors to customers as possible. Therefore it takes a great deal of the hassle away from you and allows you to direct your focus onto the sole objective of getting as many people to go to that site as possible through the various methods available. Some sites that run affiliate programs are extremely generous by providing you with online training materials to help you drive more visitors to their site. In addition, many of them will provide promotional banners and links that have been proven to work which will make your affiliate experience even easier.

There are a couple of things to be aware of when starting out on your journey of promoting affiliate products. One of these is to make sure that whatever product it is that you are promoting offers a decent percentage of the total sale as commission. There is no point in driving lots of traffic to a site that is only going to give you a ten percent commission. This will leave you dissatisfied and certainly will not make a big improvement in your bank balance. Try to aim for something that offers at least fifty percent commission. Another thing to watch out for is how much has to be earned before payment is released. If you sign up for a program that only sends out your commission once you earn a thousand dollars it can become rather frustrating. Therefore, it is definitely best to go for ones that will guarantee to send out your payment upon you reaching approximately one hundred dollars. Play your cards right and it will not take too long before you receive that first check.

Holly Mann says she has made an impressive amount on the internet. Many people have.  I look at those amounts and down size them to what seems realistic for me.  I think $100 a day is a reasonable amount to earn from a job and that is my target.  It is also the amount I need to get out of this warehouse.

Do you think that even a modest amount is impossible to earn?  In the articles ahead I will introduce you to someone many of you already know and show how well this person has done with internet marketing.


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