Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunny Saturday Morning

The  rain held off all day yesterday, but last night it poured rain.  Luckily we have a group area where we ate dinner out of the rain.  The campground has a 20 x 20 foot awning on a concrete slab.  They put up the awing, put up tables and plastic chair.  It worked out great. We ate and chatted into the night will it rained all around us. 

Some of us brought or had tarps in our RVs.  We hung them around the edges to keep out rain and wind.  Thank goodness for those tarps.  Luckily we has two 10x10 and two smaller tarps.  Sharon suggested it might be a good idea to bring the tarps.  We normally have one small in the RV, but those extras sure saved the day.

It is a sunny Saturday morning.  There is a light breeze.  OK, sunny still means partial clouds and still a chance of rain today.  The rain is only inconvenient.  It is not a problem for camping. 

We have two problems with the Bounder I really need to set some money aside to get fixed.  Neither is totally a problem but things that do not work properly and are an inconvenience. The hot water heater needed to be lit manually is one and the other is that the converter does not work so when we are plugged into electricity at a camp ground, the battery is not charging.  I use an external charger any time I need to charge it.



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