Thursday, May 04, 2006

We Are On A Roll

Moving has improved both Sharon’s and my attitudes.  We are on a roll and making progress better than we have in a long time.  They say, “What does not kill us makes us stronger”.  That is a little harsher than I would like, but effectively that is how our life is going right now.  We are getting stronger and having fun doing it.  We are actually enjoying this “adventure” into a new life. 

Change is inevitable.  We cannot stop it.  It is senseless to try to avoid it.  If we go with the flow and work our way through the good the bad and the ugly we will have Change as a friend. 

Last night we quit work early, 7:30 and headed for home.  Tonight we will do the same again.  Since we have cable TV we want to start watching Survivor again.  TV at the office has been SNOW with a dim picture.  I hope this new TV situation does not get us hooked on TV again.  We normally do not watch TV at all.

Tomorrow we plan to go see the Robin Williams movie, “RV”.  I told you Sharon won tickets at Derby Night.  I think we will go to the morning showing.  They start showing at 10:45. 

We were checking our waste water tanks on the Bounder.  Our black tank sensors are “wrong”.  Most of the time both of our waste tank sensors are reading correctly.  I will put the cleaning wand down the toilet and spray the sensors and hope that solves the problem.  If not I will put soap and Calgon down the toilet in hopes of cleaning off the sensors.  

Our Ebay sales keep getting better.  See, I told you the person who turned us in to the city was really doing us a favor.  This has been just the kick in the pants we needed to jump start our business and our lives.


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