Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Feb 8, '05 Hot Today, Chile Tamale Ha! Ha!

Yesterday was cold at Lake San Antonio, today it is hot here at home. Well, I am hot, running a temperature of 101.2. I have some sort of cold bug. No fun. I have spent half the day in bed.

Life sure gets in the way of plans. I had hoped to get the brakes on the motorhome bled early this week. Maybe later in the week. I really need to get it done before we go on the SAL rally.

I am writing more articles on RVers making money on Ebay. I have two almost completed. Also have one on the foot stool Sharon uses in the passenger seat of the motorhome. I was going to take pictures today, but that will have to wait until another day. Other articles in the works include, "doing your own brake job", "repairing a leaky roof", and "foam topper mattresses".

The pictures are already for the roof and brake job articles. I just have not put any words on "paper" yet. Paper? I sure do not use as much now that computers have taken over.


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