Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Going To See King Tut Exhibit

Today we are going to see the King Tutankhamun exhibit in Los Angeles.  We saw the King Tut exhibit in 1978 the first time it was in Los Angeles.  This time I hear there are more and different items on display.  King Tut lived and reigned in Egypt over 3300 years ago. Tutankhamun reigned from approximately 1361 to 1352 B.C.  Items on display look like they were created yesterday.

My DSL is supposedly up and running according to Verizon.  According to me it is not going yet.  They still have a problem to solve at their end.  The woman who is helping me with it jumped some hurdles and got it set up for yesterday instead of the 25th of this month.  She missed a hurdle and will work on it this morning.  I sure miss the high speed connection. It is hard to work with a dial up connection.  The cell phone dial up is faster, but it eats up minutes unless I work from 9 P.M. until 6 A.M.  I was in bed by 9 last night.

Since we don’t watch TV going to bed early is easier.  No prime time shows to watch and no 10 o’clock news to catch.  There were things on TV we enjoyed, but I do not miss them.  Full-timing in the boondocks will be easy for us, even without Dish Network.  I will need a decent satellite connection to the internet. 

The two things on my “important to have list” are satellite internet connection and solar power with adequate battery power being charged.  We hope to boondock a lot and stay in dry camping campsites. 

Since we finished the box project we were one (more box projects to go) I am a little fuzzy on my plans and what I need to do next.  Sharon and I need to sit down and get our priorities straight.  We need to keep generating an income and at the same time we need to get out of this warehouse.  This isn’t a disparate need, it is just a step we need to accomplish to go full-timing.  It won’t pay to get out of the warehouse until we have disposed of all the “stuff” in it.  I do not want to move it somewhere, even to a storage unit.

We bought the Bounder last year. It had to be smogged for the dealer to sell it.  Smogging in California is every two years.  The registration is due on the Bounder. It needs to be smogged this time, only one year later.  Smogging goes by the history of the vehicles smogging, not on the last time it was smogged.  I guess the state makes a little more when people sell vehicles and the new owner has to have them smogged again a year later. OH WELL!  It should smog no problem. It runs a lot better than when I bought it and the mileage is up.


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