Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fun Day, Saturday

Today is “KidFest” in Ventura along the boardwalk.  They have a lot of fun things which they advertise as “free family fun”.  They have a couple of up and coming country singers performing, Taylor Swift and Rockie Lynne.  Taylor is a 16 year old young woman who's promotion pictures make her look like she is in her 20’s  (that’s scary) and Rockie is a guy in his 40s.

It should be fun.  We can walk out on the pier or walk on the beach.   The weather is perfect for the event. The local weather says this will be our hottest day of the year so far.  80s to 90s inland, but at the beach where we are going 70s to MAYBE low 80s but I doubt it.

We were invited to my son’s home for Father’s Day, be will pass on it.  We are taking off today, next Saturday and July 4th.  We took off for our granddaughter’s birthday earlier this month.  There is only so much time we can take off and still be assured of paying the bills.  There are BIG advantage to working for yourself, but here are also disadvantages.

A big advantage of working for ourselves is being able to camp any day of the week.  We can avoid the local crowds and camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Until summer gets here we do not need reservations to camp during the week at the beach.  Once summer vacation starts, it is hard to get a camping spot without reservations. 

I am still thinking of camping Wednesday and Thursday next week, June 21 and 22.  Monday we need to go to the lumber yard and get firewood.  If we go camping we will start by buying propane. It is getting close to time to get filled again.  Our propane lasts about a month and we get 14 to 16 gallons each time we fill up. 


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