Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It Is Getting Warmer

The weather has been clear and sunny most of the time since we went camping last week. This means it is getting pretty warm here at the beach.  When I say it is getting warmer, I only mean beach warmer.  We almost never get days over 90 degrees.  Warmer may be in the low 80s.  It felt “hot” yesterday but the radio said it was in the low 70s. 

Right now I am in the office at 7:45 a.m. with a fan blowing on me.  Of course I am the one who turns the car air conditioner on first thing in the morning —— in the winter.  I am often hot. 

I am doing the hustle to get the warehouse rent paid by the 7th of the month. That is the day it is due.  We are almost there, but almost does not count.  Yesterday was a really busy day listing on Ebay to make it.  I will work hard the rest of the week and we should be fine. 

Although we have a warehouse full of stuff, it is all obsolete. In spite of being old, we are still getting some halfway decent sales on this old junk or should I say, “Junque”?  It is just hard deciding what to sell next.  I look at so much of this stuff and just do not see all that much value in it.  I get surprised at times.

This weekend we will be going to my younger son’s home for our granddaughter’s second birthday party.  This is the son that lives in the gated community with 100 miles of roads inside the gates.  It is alway fun going there.  The only problem is it is 150 miles away so, we do not go often.

We are almost into a new month, so Sharon and I have to think about a camping trip.  Maybe the 7th or 14th of June would be good.  Since we work long hours and usually 7 days a week, we look forward to any excuse to get away. We just cannot find too many excuses if we want to keep paying the bills.


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