Monday, May 22, 2006

Very Productive Weekend

When push comes to shove, it is amazing how much we can accomplish. We had a very productive weekend organizing a lot of stuff in this warehouse.   Being organized means we will make more money at the business.  Organization means we will be able to go camping more often more easily as the month go by.  There are a lot of benefits when we get our act together a little better than it has been in the past.

Traveling in the Bounder is our dream.  It seems farther off in our plans now than it did a year ago.  However, it also seems more real in other ways.  The ways to financially afford a full time lifestyle become clearer in our heads.  It takes a lot of planning to do so many things and so often plans are only dreams that may or may not come true. 

Sharon and I are working toward making dreams come true.  There may be interesting adaptations along the way, but we see ourselves free of this warehouse and out enjoying our lives to their fullest.  Getting more organized is clearing our heads and giving us a clearer view of what we need to do to move on.

Unless we do something radically different and change how me make a living from Ebay to internet marketing, I do not see us getting out of this warehouse for at least another year and maybe two.  We have been put on a new track by having a “real home” so time will tell how much more benefit we get from this change of lifestyle. So far is has been a great change.



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