Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getting Headers Installed Today

I will be getting the headers installed today.  It should make the Bounder more powerful. It will also solve the exhaust leak we have. 

Although this is a 1988 vehicle with 79,000 miles on it, it is still running strong. It never overheats, even on long grades.  After this latest repair we will still have less than $3000 in repairs and maintenance items.  If you recall, we paid $10,000 for the motorhome.  This still makes our venture into RVing a pretty economical trip.

This is working out just right. We will have the headers for our week-end camping trip which will take us up into the mountains. Not a lot of really bad grades, but it should tell us how much more power we can feel.  Here along the beach about the biggest grade we have is a speed bump or going over a freeway over pass.

HEY!  I weighed myself this morning and am down 3 pounds.  This is almost all from the exercise machine I bought at the garage sale.  I have changed my eating very slightly.  That is the next thing I need to do. If I add a better diet to my plan and eat less I should get a handle on this overweight thing and begin looking and feeling better.  My goal is to drop 70 pounds and at the same time gain strength and stamina.

All of this fits into our plans of going full-timing by Jan 1 of 2007.  Being healthier will make traveling the country easier.  We’ll be able to see more things. Hike a few trails we might not have otherwise.  Plus have the advantage of possibly staying fit longer so we can live a new lifestyle longer.


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