Saturday, February 25, 2006

Still Cleaning Out Motorhome

WOW!  We sure have a lot of excess “stuff” (you may spell it differently) in the Bounder.  We are still cleaning our the motorhome.  We have two flow vases, lots of candles and just STUFF in there.  Slowly we are going through drawers, cabinets and the basement compartments and getting rid of a bunch of stuff we have been carrying around.

Every pound means lower gas mileage.  It also means more clutter in the RV.   We have a big problem when camping. We arrive with an organized motorhome and as soon as we start camping, chaos reigns.  We put stuff here and there and soon we have nothing but clutter from one end of the RV to the other.  We  have got to stop this.

Yesterday the BLM  (Bureau of Land Management) was having a Horse and Burro auction at our local county fairground.  It was really an interesting coral of animals.  We fell in love with the baby burros.  Of course we are not getting any more animals. 

After the BLM animals, we went across the street to the beach and walked the shoreline for a while.  Next we went to another beach and walked the sand again.  You cannot get too much of the beach.

After our walk we went to the Channel Islands Harbor and had dinner.  I know, I don’t need it, but when we are out and about it seems like the thing to do.


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