Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not Working While Camping

Other than writing my three blogs, I am not doing any work while camping.  I just get involved with the activates and socializing and can’t get anything done.  That is OK for now, but I really do need to learn to work in the motorhome.  Maybe I should not even try when we are going camping with other people

Today started with a potluck breakfast.  Then came the Daytona 500 race and finally I am here at the computer getting my blogs put up.

Getting the blogs written is important to me because they are a commitment I have made to myself.  They are writing that I am committed to do each day.  As time goes by I hope to increase the quality of the content you are reading.  I am still getting a feel for where I want to go with this internet marketing and what blogs mean to it. 

We are on a four day weekend of camping.  Tomorrow we will leave here about 9 or 10 in the morning.  We we to cut over to the coast above Hearst Castle and drive up to see the Elephant Seals.  The babies will be fat and cute.  The mothers will mostly have gone out to sea by now, leaving the babies to fend for themselves until they learn to swim.  The mothers do not come back to feed the babies. When the babies get hungry enough they go into the water and teach themselves to swim.  In the mean time they live off of the fat they stored from their mother’s milk.

It is very interesting to see the big males fighting on the beach and sometimes in the water.  They are not quite as aggressive now since most of the females will have left.


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