Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Blog Software Had A Problem

The blog software got corrupted when my computer go shut off accidentally while it was uploading yesterday's blog. If you saw my test that is what is was about. I am about to change the blog format some, but that formatting was unexpected. Funny it happened when I announce I might have some funny things going on in the blog.

Boxes are emptying left and right. There may be hope for us yet. If we can keep this progress going we may be full-timing on schedule. In addition to the boxes, we are still exercising daily. Two things we really needed to do are regularly being done. Every step we make toward change is better than it was before. Now if I can get back to my website development on a daily basis, we will be on the road to being on the road for sure.

We are going to Sycamore Canyon campground next Wednesday. I was thinking that the next time we go out we should try driving another 3 to 5 miles down the road and try Leo Cabrillo State Beach Campground. We haven't been there yet. So much camping to do and so little time to do it.

Yesterday we didn't see a bee. The other day when there we so many it was as if they were swarming. Maybe they did and left us for good. Is that too much to expect? From our experience so far it would seem so. Each time I think we have just about eradicated them, they show up in force again.

Our next rally is not until September. That seems like a long way off for the next get together with a group of friends. Then after that is a rally in October. Our November plan it to have Thanksgiving at the beach. We will be there with one other couple so far. So, until September we are on our own, but that is OK too.


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