Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jan 29, '05 Tax Day -- I'd rather be camping

It is a another beautiful sunny day here on the coast. I can not do anything about it because to day I have to file my California State sales tax. Of course I have to calculate how much we collected first. This is the one tax I do not mind doing. It is a one day or less affair. Because I use QuickBooks for my accounting software, all I have to do is generate reports and plug in information to the tax forms. I wish income tax was as fast and easy.

Tomorrow, as planned, we are going to spend the day at the Oxnard Harbor. We will take the motorhome. It will be a day of walking, watching boats in the harbor, stopping at the Farmer's Market and just relaxing and enjoying a day. I will have my laptop in the motorhome, so if I want I can do some journal work or website page creation.

We have internet access in the motorhome anywhere our Verizon cell phone is active. On the recommendation of people in the Forum we are using Verizon and their Mobile Office cable and software to connect to the internet while traveling.

Now that we have postponed our effort to go full-timing, I sure do feel more relaxed. What was a "Mission Impossible" task has now turned into a more manageable endeavor. I can more comfortably figure out how to make a decent living on the road and not have to worry about being there first and then figuring it out.


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