Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Camping Check List Printed

Yesterday I printed up out camping check list which you can see at http://rv-living-magazine.com/rv-packing-check-list.html  We have begun the real countdown.  I hope to leave as early as possible on Thursday morning.  That means by 7:00 a.m. 

WOW! I woke up this morning to the sound or rain on the roof.  That was a surprise. Yesterday I asked my wife if there was rain in the forecast and she said, “No”.  We have four single car garages behind our warehouse we use for storage.  I have some boxes on the floor.  When it rains heavy enough we get water in the garages. Anything on the floor up front gets wet.  It has been dry all summer and I put boxes on the floor. I need to move them today.  I’d hate to come back from camping and have a bunch of wet boxes and contents.

Did you ever wonder if you could lose some weight.  Let me tell you it is possible.  I am still on my exercise program and cutting back on what I eat.  I have only missed my morning exercise 2 times so far this month.  I started at 233 pounds and this morning I am at 207.  That is 26 pounds that have either melted off or turned to muscle because I am exercising.  I exercise on an exercise bike for 30 minutes a day and lift two 10 pound weights through 4 exercises that take about 10 minutes to complete.

Diet?  No, I am not on any diet. I try to cut back on what I eat.  I am having a salad for lunch with canned beans as “salad dressing”.  I like them and they have less calories than lite “real” salad dressing.  I often have peanut butter in celery sticks too.  Sometimes a thin slice of sandwich meat or left over chicken.

You could do this too.  I think the real secret is exercise. Of course you have to cut back on how much you eat. I read that the secret to losing weight is to, “Eat less, move more”.  A really simple “diet plan”.  It is working for me.  Eat what you normally eat, but eat less.  Then make a few small changes.  Less fatty meat and more chicken and fish.  I still eat steak, but I am eating more chicken these days.  At the concert I had a sausage sub sandwich and then a hefty meat burrito.  HOWEVER, I decided to have salad for dinner for two or three days to make up for that.  Dinner salad is alway with a small portion meat dish.  Sunday, I had a raspberry jelly donut and a maple donut. 

After 5 days of camping at Lake San Antonio, I may need to eat a few more salads when we get back. With two potluck dinners and an ice cream social, I know I will not hold back eating.  I am not worried.  An exercise or diet plan  when you keep in mind that you are only one meal away from getting back on track.  I love that thought. 

Today I will check air pressure in all the Bounder tires.  Tomorrow I will empty the tanks and charge the batteries we use for radios, computers and miscellaneous things. We have 3 12 volt gell cell batteries under our dinette seat for these things.


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