Friday, May 06, 2005

10 O'clock Motohome Repair Appointment

Today the Bounder goes back to the mechanic for repair.  Well, between the time I started the writing and now, I ran out of time and had it fixed.  They adjusted the carburetor again.  I am not too impressed with their rebuild job. This is the second time I have had to go back for adjustments.

Yes, we still have bees.  The problem is solved, but it will take more than a day.  Without poison, it takes a little longer.  Plus, I do not have my “secret weapon” perfected.  It works great, but could be better.  This gives me a chance to think about the design more.

The new exercise machine is a great addition.  Both Sharon and I are using is daily.  She is up to 3 miles and I am up to 4 miles on it.  It takes about 16 minutes to go 4 miles.  I have it set so I am going up an incline or maybe a small hill. In the last minute I set is so I’m going downhill so I can wind down.

Since we plan to go full timing, being in good health and enjoying ourselves, this exercise machine will help us toward that goal. I need to drop a lot of pounds, about 70 pounds.  Sharon just needs to tone herself up and maybe lose about 5 pounds.

When I got back from the mechanics I asked Sharon if she wants to go out in the motorhome tomorrow for just a day trip.  We will go down the coast 12 miles to where we saw the whale the other day.  It will be just a day trip I think.  There are two campgrounds just a mile to two south of where we will be going, but one is always full on weekends and the other may be. They both require reservations in the busy season.



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