Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jan 19, '05 At My Son's House

Yesterday we arrived at Bear Valley Springs about one o'clock in the afternoon. We drove by the campground we camped at last time we were here. There were plenty of spots to camp. The weather is warm and sunny. Very nice camping weather. The mountains on the way here have hundreds, if not thousands of wind turbines generating electricity. It is interesting to see so many propellers turning. I am looking forward to next month at Lake Santonio, California. We are going RV camping with a group we met online at Camping rallies are a fun way to meet people and camp with a group that has common interests - meeting and having fun with other campers. We will have a potluck dinner and maybe a potluck breakfast. We will also go on a 2 hour boat trip. It is actually an "eagle watch" trip. This is where eagles winter. My internet connection this morning is through my laptop and cell phone. I use Verizon office for my mobile internet surfing.

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