Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shuffling Stuff

Getting organized is good and bad.  We often spend a couple days getting things around here organized and it feels good to see the results. The problem is that when we spend two days shuffling stuff, we do not sell.  When we do not sell, we do not make any money. 

It is good to have an organized work place. It is good to have a neat desk.  It is not good to work at those tasks at the expense of your primary need of making an income. Busy work feels good and it makes it look like you have done a lot of great work.  However, at the end of the day it does not pay any bills.

The secret is to balance organizing with work. Spend some time getting things in order, but spend the majority of time doing what is most important.  Sharon and I need to rethink our time management plans.  Or maybe that is, we need to make some plans for efficient use of our time. 

We spend a lot of hours at the warehouse, but we do not generate the income all of those hours should be creating.  Two people working 12 hours a day should mean a nice salary.  We are still struggling. That means something is wrong with the way we are doing things.

Do you find that you too spend mountains of time but at the end of the week or month you are not much closer to a desired goal or result you wanted.  I hope you have better answers to that than we do. We are searching for answers to effective use of our time and resources. 


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