Friday, February 25, 2005

Feb 25, '05 Back To Work - Holiday Is Over

Being back at work takes a lot of catching up after being gone for 6 days. There is a lot of things that I am trying to do all at the same time and it is not working. I have to slow down and go at them one at a time.

The heavy rains we had caused a couple leaks in the motorhome. They were not as bad a last time but still need to be taken care of. I am not sure exactly where they came in, but I need to do more caulking around all of the windows and compartment doors. After that I need to get up on the roof and do all of the seams up there.

Today I will publish my article on the PVC T's I installed on the tank vents. I am so glad I learned about that simple fix. It is nice not to have sewer smells inside the coach.

Right now, my biggest concern is increasing our income on the internet. I guess the fastest money will be selling on eBay, but at the same time I will be developing websites that should slowly generate more and more income. I have learned quite a bit lately and will begin to apply what I have learned and then write about it so you can know what I am doing in case it is of interest to you.

I just uploaded the article on the RV T vents. You can read the article by clicking this link RV Tank Vents


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