Monday, March 21, 2005

Mar 21, 05 The Site I Promised You

Today I will share an inspirational site with you. Now, I know some of you may not be religious in nature, regardless, take a look at this site. This is the site I said generated $1 million in revenue in two and a half years. (I said one year, but I was wrong). What is so special about this site, is its simplicity. The developer found a poem in the public domain and stock photos on the internet. He put them together and made a very popular site. The reported statistics are: 25 million unique visitors (my site averages about 90 visitors a day) 500,000 on their mailing list $1.1 million in sales That is very impressive for material that he did not even create. He just put it together.

Take a look at it and then tell me what you think. I would like your opinion of the message, but more than that, I would like your opinion of the site itself. Mail To: Tell me what you think

Remember, I am trying to introduce you to some of the ways a full-timer or anyone could make money on the internet. Here is the site, enjoy the message, but look at the process.

The Interview With God

OK, what did you think? You have my e-mail address above, let me know. For someone new to the internet, they would think, "No way could I create something like that. You are wrong. Maybe not today, but with a little knowledge you could. Of course most people do not create sites like that one. Most that make money are more simple along the lines of my RV Living Magazine site. However, the possibilities are limitless on the internet.

In addition to telling me what you think, pass this article I have written on to any friend you know who might be interested in creating an income on the internet. A full-timer or just a neighbor. This will be a real life ongoing tale of making money from "home" whether it is on wheels or at home. I will share with you how I am doing, but more importantly, I will share with you the HOW TO do it too. I am not the guru telling you that you can make a million on the internet. I am the guy slowly making some money on the web. Real life income with real time explanations. Click this link to tell a friend about us.

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Is that site really all that complicated? Yes and no. It took a knowledge of how to put pictures in a slide show with music. Hey, have you seen a friend who has done that already on their home computer? He needed content. There is a lot of public domain content out there. So, a poem and a slide show with music and a nice yearly income. NICE!!

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on the internet is NOT public domain. You can not use just any material. It has to meet the legal requirements of being public domain. Although this page does not have a copyright notice, it is still a copyrighted piece of work based on American law and the laws of many other countries. Even this simple blog page is not "public domain".


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