Sunday, February 27, 2005

Feb 27, '05 Going To Kelly's Beach Rally

HOORAY!! Sharon and I have made the decision to go to the Kelly's Beach rally. The last rally refreshed us. Our attitudes, ability to work and more have benefited from that short "vacation". Sharon and I feel the expense of the trip will be far out weighed by the mental, moral and spiritual benefits.

In, Fred (Golden_HVAC) suggested I get my carburetor repaired to solve the 4 MPG problem we are having. I think I will go ahead and have that done. He suggested it would be $5 for a new float and $130 to put it in. I priced a rebuild of mine or a rebuilt carburetor for our 454 Chevy engine. $335 for the carburetor and $85 for installation. I know I could do the job myself, but I am not sure the time verses money verses aggravation would be worth doing it.

No, I do not expect to get 10 miles per gallon, but 6 to 8 would be very nice. Right now, driving at 55 MPH we are burning 11 gallons of fuel per hour. I usually am driving about 60 or 65 in moderate traffic.

Since I last mentioned adding the RV tank vent article to our magazine, I have added three more pages. Two on foot stools for the RV and on our Coleman Drip Coffee maker. I have about 4 more articles mostly written and will keep adding more as the days go by. That was another benefit of going to the last rally. I seem to be more interested in creating content for my website.


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