Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Time Is Slipping By

Time is slipping by and the year is slowly coming to an end.  SLOWLY?  Did I really say slowly?  The New Year is advanced at the rate of a speeding freight train.  WOW!  Looking back, this has been a good year for camping.  It has been a  great year for meeting RVing friends at rallies.  We have learned a lot about our Bounder, camping and enjoying the RV lifestyle. 

As we move toward the New Year, I am determined to get my act together and start doing things I know need to be done, like going full speed ahead selling on Ebay.  I’m still procrastinating on that, as well as other important things.

HEY!  I still haven’t finished re-caulking all of the motorhome windows and basement doors.  I don’t think any of the windows are leaking, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. 

I envy those of you who are organized and accomplish things in a timely manner.  I know the techniques. I read the motivational books, time management books and articles.  I listen to Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey and similar motivational speakers and yet still find the need for implementing what I learn.  Of all the things I need to overcome, procrastination tops the list.  I KNOW what to do, I just need to start doing it.


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