Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last Day Preparations For Camping

This is the last day for preparations to go camping at Shaver Lake.  Our checklist is about 1/3 checked off.  Our list is mostly small stuff or things that might get taken out and need to be put back in.  When I print the list, I often write a few things in by hand.  Special food or gifts for a rally event and other last minute things. Our check list is really worth printing. 

Sharon called our propane dealer and the open at 7:00 a.m. so we should be able to fill up tomorrow morning on the way out.

HEY!  We had a leak in the roof of the motorhome.  YIKES! That was yesterday. Sharon walked into the Bounder and saw a wet spot on a box on the floor.  It was right under the air conditioner.  That was where my first leak was on our very first trip out with the RV.  I was ready to go up on the roof with my caulking paint and do some repair.  Sharon removed the air conditioner inside cover to see where the drip was coming from.  It was toward the side.  Finally I reached up and touched on the the three main bolts that tighten the air conditioner to the roof.  It was loose and about 1/8 inch unscrewed.

PROBLEM SOLVED!  However, this was a problem that shouldn’t have started in the first place.  When I repaired both front and rear roof areas under the air conditioners, I put in me foam spacer pads.  This is the seal that goes between the roof and the air conditioner.  As time goes by the foam compresses.  When it compressed enough, my once tight bolts were loose.  Those bolts pull the air conditioner down against the foam seal.  The seal cushions the air conditioner, but more importantly acts as a seal to keep water out. 

So, it might pay you to pull your inside air conditioner covers and see if the hold down bolts are still tight.  You might save yourself a wet carpet or even worse a stained roof.  Our leak didn’t cause any visible problem.  When I pulled the cover off of the rear air conditioner, its bolts were loose also. This one is over our bed.  I really don’t want  a leak back there.



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