Friday, October 21, 2005

Camping At Shaver Lake

We decided not the go to a casino and continued on to Shaver Lake yesterday.  It took us 8 hours to get here.  We stopped in Bakersfield at Camping World and picked up a few things we needed.  In and Out Burgers was across the road, so we had lunch.

The lake is in the mountains and there is a LONG climb getting here.  I think Sharon said it was an eight mile climb.  The grade was fairly steep, but the Bounder and her 454 Chevy engine took it quite easily.  We kept a speed of 43 to 48 MPH all the way up.  I did drop down to second gear at times.  I think the Thorley headers we had installed really helped with the extra power to get up into the mountain.

There are probably about 10 rigs here already.  I am surprised we have so many a day early.  Last night we sat around the campfire netting acquainted with new friends and enjoying friends we have met an previous rallies.  Camping with a group of friends is fantastic.  If you go to and find a rally in your area, I highly recommend going to it. 

The weather is beautiful.  It was cold last night but not that bad.  This morning there is a bite to the air, but I’m sure it is still above freezing. 


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