Friday, November 10, 2006

Borat: Stupid Movie, BUT funny

Sharon and I went to see “Borat” with free tickets we had. Borat is definitely a “parental guidance” movie. It is not sexy, but it is sexual. The whole move was just too stupid to be real, but still almost believable. Yes, it was funny and both Sharon and I got quite a few good laughs.

The premise of the movie is a English speaking reporter from a backwards country comes to America to learn and hopeful take home some jewels of wisdom about our American culture. It is all about his adventures and misadventures, which almost all have a sexual undertone. Again, not sexy. A naked 250–300 pound man is not sexy. Major nude scene of an argument between Borat and his manager. More disgusting than sexy, more funny, but could be offensive if you do not like sexual innuendo that is blatant.

So, if you are offended by sexual humor and content this is not the movie for you.

Our weather is still holding. It is excellent and should be perfect through the weekend at least. This is really the time you want to camp along the coast in our area. Every year is the same since we have lived on the coast. As soon as summer is over and all the beach tourists go home, the weather turn beautiful. During the summer there is a lot of fog and cool weather.

Camping is still on the horizon for us. We need to work the whole month to meet our bills. There is really something wrong with that picture. We need to adjust our life so that is no long true. There are always options.


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