Friday, March 03, 2006

More Rain Coming Down

It is raining today, just as predicted.  I wonder why rain seems to love weekends.  When I had a "real job" it always seemed that weekdays were clear and it would rain on the weekend.  Of course it rained during the week too,  but more often it seemed to wait until Friday or Saturday to start.

The Bounder is washed. I am sure glad I got it done before the rain. If I had waited, it might not have gotten done for another week or two or three.  Rain also knows when you wash and wax your vehicle.  It is amazing how smart rain is. 

OH, my leaking basement compartment was leaking again after the last rain.  I put new gasket material around the door. I  sealed it everywhere outside and some inside and it still leaked.  I noticed my gasket material was on the wrong side of the door, it had moved.  I guess they use a cheap adhesive on this self sticking gasket material and it came unglued.  I put it back and used some double backed tape to hold it in place.  I really need to do it better. 

We used a shop vacuum to clean out the water that was in the compartment rug.  I did not expect much water, but there was at least 1/2 a quart.  Sharon and I think a shop vac would be a good vacuum for a RV.  The plastic ones are light weight.  If you choose right they have a lot of power, PLUS they are wet or dry vacs.  In RVs, the wet or dry feature can come in handy.

Yesterday I started selling on Ebay again.  I did not get as much listed as I wanted to.  I seemed to have too many other things to do and too many little distractions.  Hopefully today will be a lot better.  I would like to get at least 100 listings going at a time.  200 to 300 would be better.  At that point we we be covering all of our expenses from Ebay sales. 

I am changing the way I am selling also.  I am making multiple listings of some items instead of selling one item over and over again.  I will also put up wholesale lots instead of single items.  These larger quantity auctions will help me get rid of some of the stuff in this warehouse. 


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