Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lazy Sunday

So far this has been a pretty lazy Sunday, even though we are at the warehouse to work.  Not much work getting done. 

This morning we went to the Farmer’s Market and an older gentleman was just getting out of his Class C motorhome.  Sharon said, “Isn’t that Bob?”  Bob is a guy we helped on the beach 5 years or so ago. His motorhome was on fire. I helped get some stuff out — DUMB! and then we watched it burn to the ground.

The next day we were at the beach and all that was left was charred debris. The chassis had been hauled away.  I saw a couple pictures in the debris.  Then some more and some papers.  I salvaged as much wet and dirty papers and pictures as I could.  Shortly a skip loader was scrapping and load the charred mess into a truck to take to the dump.

We took the pictures and paper home and washed them in fresh water.  They were already wet, so there was nothing to lose.  We dried them and then looked through the paperwork and found a cell phone bill.  There were some numbers that were more frequently called. By calling them we got ahold of the guys son, who put Bob in touch with us.  We mailed him his saved pictures and papers.

The orchids were pretty at the Farmer’s Market and we decided to buy one for the woman in the other half of the house.  She provides us with cable TV and loans us her collection of DVD movies. She buys new movies almost every week.

Once we went home and delivered the flower, we headed to the warehouse.  Once here it was do nothing. Sharon has laundry to do as we have a washing machine here. I took a power nap.  About 4 or so we had dinner since we skipped lunch.  It is 5:50 p.m. now and we might as well have spent the day doing something fun instead of being here at the warehouse.



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