Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mar 5, '05 Two More Web Pages Written

Sun. Rain. Sun. Rain. Southern California weather is a little confused right now. At the moment it is a sunny day with clouds here and there. They say this is our third wettest winter on record. Actually I do not mind the rain so much since I do not have to commute to work.

That is an advantage of working for yourself. Depending on the job, you can pick where you want to work, even at the beach if your lucky. I have tried to work at the beach, but it is too distracting. LOOK! A pod of dolphins. There is a seal in the surf line. Let us take a walk on the beach. This salt air makes me sleepy. Nap time.

With the rally we went to and the one next week, we have not taken the motorhome out for just a day outing. Of course when there is only 15 days from one rally until the next rally, I guess there is not much time for a day trip.

I got two more pages up in the magazine section. The are:

I hope to get at least two more pages created this weekend. If I get really busy and work on it I should be able to get four done and online. Any bets on whether I make four or not?

Sharon and I have been talking and thinking more about how much time we have left in our lives. We have decided that surely we have 38 more years of productive and active life left. This will put me at 95 years old. Then we figure it will be time to retire and settle down to a slightly slower life.

Why 38 years? It is how long we have been married so far. Also, it is a realistic age. Our family histories say we should both live into our 90's. As medical knowledge advances every year, the odds are increased in our favor. We think this is an exciting way of looking at our lives from this day forward. As we look back, we have come a long way in 38 years. As we look forward there are hundreds of things we can accomplish in another 38 years. I mean we have not even been to Australia yet.


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