Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Going Camping Tomorrow -- Lake Casitas

We are going camping at Lake Casitas tomorrow. We’ll be in section M which is dry camping.  No hookups.  We are only going to stay one night.  We will be taking 4 days off in the first two weeks of August when we go to the county fair, so we decided one night of camping was going to have to do.  HEY!! This time I remembered about trash night and scheduled camping so our trash would go out.

Today Sharon is running our little Bissel carpet cleaner on the Bounder carpet from the bathroom door forward. Tomorrow she will do the bathroom and bedroom.  Hopefully the hot weather at the campground will dry the carpet.  Maybe we can move the plastic bin of firewood and other stuff and she can finish it all today…….we will see.

I am in the garage doing the box thing.  Major progress there.  I figure it will take about another week to get the job done.  I hope a 5 day week as this is going fairly fast most of the time.  Our local recycling company will take cardboard, so I had Sharon take them a pile of cardboard boxes.  I wish I realized they took cardboard.  It would have saved me time cutting up boxes to fit in our small recycle barrel.

There is lubricant packed in the motorhome, so I guess I will lube the jacks at the campground.  I need to take a cloth to throw on the ground to lay on as we will be parking on dirt.  HMMMmmmmm!  If I have time I think I will do the job here on the cement out back.  Easier and cleaner.






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