Friday, December 16, 2005

Campfires and Morning Calm

I am at the picnic table with a campfire and the morning calm keeping me company.  Sharon and Poky just came out to join me.  It is a gorgeous morning.  Cool, but I am in short sleeves in the shade, so it isn’t all that cold. 

The motorhome heater was set to 70 degrees all night.  The battery indicator was just at the bottom of yellow and ready to go into the red.  First thing I did was get out the Honda 2000 generator and my Vector charger and start charging the battery.  It is nice to run the quiet Honda in stead of the noisy Onan 7.5 KW. 

Our next problem was that we woke up without water.  We left home without filling, thinking that we had enough.  The motorhome isn’t quite level and tilts slightly away from the water outlet to the pump.  I guess it went dry in the night.  Our pump won’t suck water from the tank when it goes dry.  Luckily we are next the the water faucet (one every few campsites) and used our Water Thief to hook onto the “no threads” faucet. 

I filled the tank too full and water was leaking out the overflow hole.  Next, the pump still won’t pull water from the tank, so I put the hose onto one of the low point drains below the tank and force water in there.  It pushes water through the pipes to the pump and it works.  We apparently need a new pump.

Why weren’t we level.  I still haven’t fixed the leveler problem. When we are home it is out of mind and when we are here, it partially works.  I think the problem is a $7 to $15 starter relay that actuates the hydraulic pump.

A couple came in this morning in a mini-van and set up camp.  They had a campfire going and were settling in.  The ranger came by and evicted them.  I guess they did not pay at the self service registration.  THEN, the ranger stopped at our place and didn’t have our payment.  Luckily we told him we paid Ranger Shawn (Sean?) yesterday, which we did.  He accepted that.  In fact, as I’m typing, Sharon said, “There goes Shawn”.  I guess he is on duty now.

Regardless of our minor problems this is still the best camping I could imagine.  I’m sitting with my family in the fresh air, beside a campfire and I’m “working” on the computer.  I have a cup of coffee beside me.

HEY! Thanks to and the campout at Shaver Lake, we had boiled omlettes again this morning.  What a fantastic breakfast.


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