Saturday, July 30, 2005

About Done With Garage #1 & Its Boxes

Yesterday we worked long and hard and we should be able to finish the initial box sorting today.  Regardless, this will be our last full day of working at old inventory for a while.  We need to get back to the money making end of things.  When I say a full day, I don’t mean 8 hours.  It is more like 11 hours with a short lunch break.  When you work for yourself, there is no time clock and there is no overtime pay.  You just do the job until it is done.

Is all of this extra work worth it?  YOU BET IT IS!!  This is a job we should have done long ago.  It is a job necessary to our  going full-timing.  Even if we didn’t go full-timing, it is a job that needs to be done.  We have to sort inventory and get rid of all the old junk that isn’t worth the time to mess with.

The leveling jacks all worked fine on this last trip out.  The right front came up with no problem.  Spraying lubricating oil on all the joints seems to have done the trick. 

My next  major RV project is doing the rear disk brakes.  When I had the flat I looked and the pads were getting a little thin. There was no scoring on the drum, so that is good.  Remember, I already did the two front brakes. It is a fairly easy job and can be done in about a half a day by a slow person, or the front brakes took that long.  The most difficult things is lifting the 110 pound tires (yes I weighed them).

I use the leveling jacks to lift the motorhome off of the ground to do the work.  They are very effective as jacks.  For the rear I will have to put a block under the jacks as they don’t lift quite high enough to pull the tires off.

The other job I need to do is repair or replace the toilet.  Soon after the go the Bounder I replaced the gasket in the flush seal.  The bowl wouldn’t hold water and that solved the problem.  The cheap metal they used allowed the spring to bend the metal. I straightened the metal, but it must be bent again.  The toilet valve doesn’t close easily after each flush and the bowl isn’t holding water again.  This is another fairly easy job.

While the weather is hot and dry I should also caulk the rest of the windows and caulk the roof edges.  I think I will use Eternabond tape to do the roof.  I am impress with it on the jobs I’ve used it for so far.


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